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Friday, January 30, 2015

odd or what?

Hey jammers!
I logged on to jamaa today and apparently iI had won something. I don't remembering entering anything recent with the user crested claw. 
Look what she gave me!
Number 1:
A sewing machine. Wowsers!
Number 2:
 Number 3:
 Number 4:
 Number 5:
Im gonna put some of these items on trade cause I don't need them:) 
Todays new item is the heart trident sold in bahari bargins for 500 gems!
It looks pretty sassy I say!
I have to admit this item looks pretty cool. I kind of think it looks like it could be warn any time of the year because of what it looks like.
I think I am gonna do some fun things today!
But first I have to give a shout out to my friend paypayrod.
Shout out to PAYPAYROD
Paypayrod is a very nice and funny friend. 
She is always there for her friends no matter what!
Thanks for being an awesome buddy on AJ.

Daily explorer
Oopsy! There kind of isn't a picture sooo. Sorry!
Hmm very interesting short post ajhq!

Have you tried out the new adventure yet?
I really like it though I think it is a bit easy don't you think?
I heard that you can get valentines versions of rare items like...
Arctic coat
Top hat
Rare spikes
And more!
I will try to change the blogs template this weekend if I get a chance! 
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later!


  1. Hi, I'm really sorry I haven't been commenting. I'll try to comment more. Also, remember when you entered Naffy's contest? Well, you won first place in the contest! Great job! :) So Naffy sent you the prizes by Crestedclaw. Crestedclaw is Naffy's alt.

  2. Oooooooh I did not know that! Thanks

  3. Yeah, that was me xD

    Thank you for covering that up, Ca :)


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