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Monday, December 8, 2014

Santas sled!

Hey jammers!
Before I begin with todays post I have some very sad news about blobfish :(
My brother just told me that the big blobfish stuffies are discontinued:( Which was the size I wanted now I have to ask for a small one which is 1 foot long which is still big enough to hug:) 
So ya!
Todays rare item monday is the...
Rare gift sleigh which is sold for 850 gems!
I really love this item! Its super duper different!
I like all the presents and its super shiny too!
But I cant buy it cause I only have like 500 gems :( Better get some gems:)

Rare item monday redo
Actually Ii don't have a rare item monday redo. Because this item is awesome the way it!

Mysterious monday mystery
Who Is my favourite singer it starts with a 5...
Comment who you think and you will win a small little tiny prize:)

Violets drawing
I used to make all these things on the computer all the time.

Daily explorer

Thats all for today jammers!

See ya later:)


  1. The aspects of singer and the number 5 lead me to think this..:

    5 Seconds of Summer? ;D

    Idk any other singers that start with 5, so... lol.

    Watch me be completely off track...

    I'm tired.

  2. Oh and I wasn't expecting this to be a
    RIM. It looks awesome! So colorful... :)

    Blobfish stuffiez! *le gasp*

    I like the colors in your drawing.

  3. 5 Seconds of Summer
    (not just saying that because of cutepups)

    Just a guess because I don't know what else xD

  4. i know the answer if... 5 Seconds of Summer

  5. 5 Seconds of Summer! That's more of a band.. But, whatever x3!

  6. Probably 5 Seconds of Summer. (I'm not saying that because everybody said it.) The Rare Gift Sleigh looks really cool! I like your drawing, it is very colorful. :)

  7. hi! i really like the rare too! and when you said 5 i knew it had to be 5 Seconds of summer! the drawing you did looks very artistic! :D


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