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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turkish Turkey

Hey jammers! I deeply sorry for not posting at all yesterday I was picking my brother up from university and I went with my mom to do a delivery to and then when I got home it was to late to post and I had a super bad head ache so I went to bed like an hour earlier and I still have a bit of it I hope I'm not getting sick or anything :( Anyways that was a very very very very long sentence oh well!

Today's new item is the chicken hat sold in jam mart clothing for 250 gems!
Wow and its nonmember too. I love how AJHQ is giving a ton of nonmember items to buy with the hair salon set. What do you think? 

Daily explorer
Ever notice how many ???? And !!!! Ajhq puts in there posts? I mean look at it there is ???!!!?)!!???!????!????????!!!!!! In every single sentence well not that much but still it's a bit dis pointing I can see if it's something super exciting but I don't find there videos that exciting to be honest. And the stuff they post about too!

Anyways people have been asking about the rainbow fashion show... To be honest not many JAMMERS have entered it so I am waiting till we get 10 so please enter and for the giveaway and contest entries are due today! Winners will be announced in the next week or so :)
I am resetting the art request page because I have a bit of a different idea to do so ya... Also about belle the rhino I will try to a have a new issue next week it seems like there is an issue per month does anyone have an idea? There will be a mini post today so keep in mind about all the exciting things going on :)

- Violet 


  1. Yeah, a lot of blogs are saying that AJHQ uses way too much exclamation marks and question marks. It's kind of like they're too... I don't know, just plain weird.

  2. ^^
    They're a little over-excited I think. Also, just a helpful tip for Violet, try making the pictures size MEDIUM. They look over enlarged when they're large.

  3. Yesh... too may exclamation marks.. so much that my brain is about to explode and scatter exclamation marks everywhere. Not really, it would probably scatter the weird stuff i make up in my head. xD


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