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Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey hatto

Hey jammers!
Todays new item is a rare turkey hat sold in jam mart clothing for 700 gems!
Yay its nonmember! 
Notice that the colours are freedom colours? Well the other week I did this thing where I do is it actually worth what it worth? So im gonna do that with all RIMs now on.
So you see the original cost is 250 gems! To me I say a rim if its a recoloured item to be 400-500 more gems so in this case. If you add everything it is a pretty good price to be 700 gems! Or atleast in 600-700 range.

Rare item monday redo
I dont know how to draw a turkey hat :(

Violet's drawing
Today I drew an elephant because I like elephants.

Mysterious monday mystery
You have to guess this week what this item is hears a clue...
It is a clothing item. Isnt it very helpful? I know I know its super helpful!

And lastly...

Daily explorer

Thats all for today jammers!
Cya later1


  1. I really like this rare today and it's non member too! For the blurred picture I think it could be a freedom turkey hat or the rare turkey hat! Good job on the elephant picture!

  2. How do I say this

    I have suspects for Anon

    Cutepups522 AJ

    and Bunnylover


    1. Uhh, I don't think it is Cutepups, because HER own blog got spammed up with swearing comments from the Anonymous.

    2. Yeah, like ca said, I'm not the stupid Anon. I'm more mature than that. Because hating, swearing, being inappropriate, and telling me to cut and kill myself sure seem like stuff I'll do to myself and my blogger friends. Of course I'm not the Anon!

      However, I kinda understand if you think it is me. The Anon impersonated me by typing my name in the Name box and my blog on the URL box. Because I saw some comments he/she made that way that said that I love scamming. I reacted back. Such a fail, imposter. :T

      And I highly doubt it's bunnyllover, either. Her and Violet are close blogging friends, right? Well the way I see it, bunny almost always comments positive things on Violet's posts.

      So... yeah.

    3. They r both pretty innocent I know them pretty well...

    4. They wouldn't do anything like that

    5. Your right... It was me. I'm sorry...

    6. I'm 99.9% sure it isn't bunnyllover. Just look at her (actual) comment above! She's a nice person!
      Stop impersonating other people. -.-

    7. I know that it isn't bunnyllover. I think she is a good person. My emoticon was directed toward the Anonymous who was impersonating bunnyllover. :)

    8. Guys it's not an imposter... It's really me. I know you don't believe me, but it's true. I'm sorry even if you believe me or not. :(

  3. Violet what about givaway?

  4. I like that elephant drawing. It's so cute! owo

  5. The clothing item is one of those knight helmet things


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