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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The big update!

Hey jammers!
Today is update day!
Lets see what new stuff we got?
Starting off we have a brand new den the sky kingdom 
Its a huge den to bad theres so much diamond stuff i have to get i have get like 50 diamonds lol

Pet lion cubs are here also with polar bears that are coming :)
I have to admit the polarbears dont look the cutest they look nice but it just doesnt look like much effort was put into them thats all! Pet lion cubs are here so does that mean that lions will soon be coming back? Possible in the next month or so?

Yay a new adventure and its for all jammers!!! YIPEEE!!!!

The ice armour is on sale well it did come out in 2013 so its been almost a year I think 
The hair salon items finally came! I wonder why ajhq chose hair salon I think thats the most humanish thing yet to come out in aj! I guess i will get them! 
Here are the items!


Speaking of which aj has turned fall colours....

I don't know why but for some reason fall in jamaa in this picture it makes me happy and it makes me feel like I love aj so much!!!! And I really do love aj!!

I am not gonna remind you guys of the fashion show and giveway and contest but of the party tomorrow
Come tomorrow those are the details!!!

Bye jammers! See ya in jamaa

- violet


  1. I really hope I can make it. Last time, a virus got into my computer and I had to spend 30 mintues removing it. And I was late for the party. :( But this time, I hope I can make it on time!


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