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Monday, November 3, 2014

Partying pageviews

Hey jammers!
Todays new item is rare lasso sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
Wow this is pretty expensive for a lasso! Ajhq makes items pretty expensive for rare item mondays this lasso maybe be a rare item monday but is it actually worth 900?
Lets look!
A normal lasso costs 350 gems. This rim is a recolours lasso and it is just black with no special design or nothing. So a good price would be for this is..
900-350= 550 so this rare item monday should be around 600 650 700 because 550 would be a bit to cheap? See where im getting to jammers?

Rare item monday redo
Its a bit messed up but you can see the design on it :)

Violet's drawing
I was looking better before I coloured it in orange!!

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the exact location for a prize:)

Daily explorer

Blog news
Remember to enter these things!

Entries for the fashion show is due tomorrow! So you better enter we need atleast 10 jammers!!!

- violet


  1. Cool post! Keep up the good work!
    I am guessing the location of the image is in Kimbara Outback by the waterfall. Thanks Violet!


  2. I enter for the animal contest a Coyote. I know that animal jam all ready has wolves but i they mostly have big cats. Coyotes will be like wolves but smaller, they would come with their own pattern.The coyotes would come with a new item, a bandanna. They would sit a bit like how the giraffes sit with their legs tucked in underneath them. When they play they would chase their tail and when they sleep they would curl up ( not as much as a fox). They would also come with a new land, the land would be a small clearing by a river. It would have many caves, but also be filled with phantoms.They would even release an adventure where you have to go into the new land and drive away the phantoms.

  3. I like how you explained how the price of today's RIM should be 550 gems instead of 900. c:

    The orange animal you drew looks fuzzy! ^w^

    I entered the Rainbow fashion show. As my wolf, Precious. And my username's cutepups522. c:

  4. I'm thinking it's above the best dressed in coral canyons



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