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Saturday, November 1, 2014

No not an update post

Hey jammers!
I have noticed this week that we have reached 10 000 page views
to celebrate I have a party planned later this week you will find out more about it on monday

But a new contest has arrived!
A small giveaway!
A rainbow themed fashion show!
Please enter! 

Please enter

Please enter

- violet 


  1. plz check ur cool blogs page plz

    also do u have a Twitter if so whats ur name on Twitter mine is Epicneter Anonymous

  2. Username: bunnyllover
    What I want: the red slingshot
    Reason why I want it: I really want the slingshot! I've never had one and why I first saw it I really wanted it! I have been searching, trading, and playing adventures and never got it! :( so please it's like my third dream item!
    -great background!

    1. Okay for the rainbow fashioned show I enter, my kangaroo, rosy goofypaw! I tried my best!
      And this is bunnyllover by the way!

    2. Okay for the design your animal contest I enter the moutain goat! Its is a land animal!
      The goat will sit like a dog, but it will be hunched a little, the goat will dAnce by sticking out its legs and then shuffling them. After that it will turn all the way and start over again! When playing the goat will jump left, look left then right, and then jump back to the same spot it was before! For sleeping it will lie down facing right and it's legs will be under its body and it's head will be on the gound! The moutain goat can even snore maybe! For hoping it will jump about a metre high and it's legs will tuck in when it jumps!
      Yes it does come with a new land! It's the land with the waterfall and rivers and the one next to mt shiver. The new land will be perfect for the moutain goats and deer too!
      There will be lots of tall overhanging trees with rocks and caves too! And there will be a new shop with goat/ rock clothing themed items! In a huge overhanging tree there will be den items! The goats also come with a new game too called mountain climber! It's like sky high but you leap on mountains and you have to get to the top to get a treaure!
      Wow that's a lot!

  3. Cool! I'm thinking if entering the rainbow-themed fashion show. (I never entered a blog fashion show before. :3)

    Oh and. Cool new blog theme and banner! :)

    1. Ok. I decided to enter it. :3

      The Rainbow-themed Fashion Show:
      I enter my wolf, Precious Cutepuppy.
      As my name says, my AJ username is cutepups522.

      Best of luck to everyone else! ^.^

  4. Ok, I'm going to enter the giveaway and the rainbow-themed fashion show. :3 XD It's going to be embarassing though. I enter my wolf Sergeant Fastwolf. I'll tell you when my wolf is ready! My username is: ca1412
    For the giveaway, my username is ca1412. I'm joining the giveaway for the fun of it, not for the items.

  5. I'm entering the giveaway, my username is: wolfprincess675. Reason: I would love a slingshot, I used to have one but it got scammed :( the one in the picture is red, the closest I can get to pink, my favorite color :)

  6. I enter for the animal contest a Coyote. I know that animal jam all ready has wolves but i they mostly have big cats. Coyotes will be like wolves but smaller, they would come with their own pattern.
    The coyotes would come with a new item, a bandanna. They would sit a bit like how the giraffes sit with their legs tucked in underneath them. When they play they would chase their tail and when they sleep they would curl up ( not as much as a fox).
    They would also come with a new land, the land would be a small clearing by a river. It would have many caves, but also be filled with phantoms.
    They would even release an adventure where you have to go into the new land and drive away the phantoms.


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