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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brand new umbrella holder

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had to take a shower and then I was about to post and my sis then needed to use the computer for homework:(
Todays new item is the umbrella holder sold in jam mart furniture for 300
Wow what an odd time of year to release an umbrella holder. 
You think they would release it in april because april showers bring may flowers.
Either way though I like the holder how its a tree trunk.
What do you think of todays new item? Do you like it?
Woah I just noticed todays new item is for nonmembers wow I am writing alot here 

Daily explorer
I am doing daily explorer now because aj won't let me change to another place without reloading uugghhh...
So many ????? !!!!! ???!!!??? >:(

Epic den of the week
Aj won't load soooo instead of posting an epic den I have an epic dens tip.
So you want your den to be on the epics den list of jamaa right? Of course you do but to it you have to use these tips.
1. Put a bunch of cool items in your den and make it full
2. Go to jamaa and invite jammers to your den to party
3. Make sure you have a ton of jammers in your den
4. Hopefully these steps will work

Outfit of the week
Tophat: Trade system
Long bow: Trade system or eagle adventure
Raccoon tail: Summer carnival

Thats all for today jammers!
Giveaway winner and contest winner will be announced this week also I am choosing which is best to make it fair I am gonna be using a random number chooser.

Ps Thanks cloudclaws for making me this signature I can see a shoutout for you in the future

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