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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hey jammers! 
Sorry for not posting yesterday I had to study for a tiny french quiz yesterday :( 
Also yesterdays new item was the opal birthstone sold in epic wonders in case you jammers were wondering...
And finally todays jamaa journal update yay!!!
Starting off with better sweets the new adventure for all jammers to love and enjoy it's also just for pets can't you jammers wait to play?
Yay pandas are back. Did you know that pandas are going exint it's always sad to see precious animals to go exint :'(. Tarantulas are back to. I already have one from last year . 
Yes haunted house! I already have that to lol. Now night of the phantoms has started which means awesomeness of being your own natural creepiness. MWAHAHA

The haunted forest party is now back. That party was a bit small but it's very creepy there's trees everywhere!!! Now we all know that jamAa has been decorated with phantom vortex before this update right? So really all the jammers knew about the phantom vortex already back
A new underwater shop??? Wow with alpha statues to? Wow!
And since when was the last time they added a new sketch? It must have been over a year atleast I believe. This sketch looks super cool though? 
Awwwwwwwwwwww...... WHY WHY WHY DO THEY HAVE TO LEAVE JAMAA WHY????!!!!!!! Well that means a new animal is coming! 

WeLl the news items are halloween so really YA and he other stuff I don't wanna do CUZ I'm super duper lazy today:) 

So chao jammers!



  1. Yay, Night of the Phantoms! Too bad I can't get on today. :(


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