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Friday, October 10, 2014

Jacko rugggggg

Hey jammers!
Todays new items are the jack-o-laterns and a spooky rug 
Jack-o-laterns are sold in tree top gardens 200 and 250 gems
The first one is for nonmembers and is a surprised jack-o-latern and the second one is a angry jack-o-latern. Imagine the angry one came alive and sweared a lot? Boy that'd be creepy
The next item we have is the spooky rug sold in outback imports for 350 gems
I think the purple lines should be a darker colour just because the blue is dark which is spooky and the purple is kind of bright too. Well thats just my opinion...

Friendship friday
Today I am doing a shout out instead of me having a great time with my buddy or other jammers having fun
To ca1412: 
You've always been there for me since the start. I know we have been through a lot already but I just wanted to say thanks for being a great friend :)

Violet's drawing

PS I can not make belle the rhino issue until I have a large blue plushie monkey from the summer carnival so if you have one would you kindly send it to me or trade thanks


  1. I have one. I will send it to you! Can it have it back after your done? Thanks! I love the spooky rug!


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