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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey jammers!
Less people are viewing these days:(
Well todays rare item monday is sold in jam mart clothing for 900 which the rare phantom balloon
I can't believe this!
Ajhq keeps using light blue and white in items...
This is not good people!!!! What if jammers aren't buying this item because of the colours?
I want a black headress and a rainbow spike for rare item monday. What do you jammers want for RIM?

Rare item monday redo

Violets drawing

Yep aj is forever:)

Mysterious monday mystery
Last week the image was took in ask violet. And I think that Ca1412 guessed that?
So you will get a prize for last weeks
Comment the exact location of this picture for a chance to win a prize!
Keep your hopes up high because who knows you may win a prize!

And lastly with a post from the Daily explorer
Daily explorer

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya in jamaa!
I don't like my latest signature I am gonna make a new one :)


  1. I wish they would release spikes as a monday rare. I just like what spikes look like on animals

  2. Great post today! I really like the rare today and I haven't been viewing animaljam legendary palooza lately because I have been really busy :( anyway for the new signature you should have your name and a spooky background! Cause you know, it's Halloween!

  3. I don't why this blog is losing views. I view it around 10 or more times each day. Guys, start viewing this blog more! Or I'll stalk you when you're asleep and choke you with waffles! Just kidding, but I know we can accomplish the blog goals if we try. So follow this blog, view it, comment on it, and share the word about it! And yeah, I guessed that. But then I thought the periods were too big. So I deleted the comment. XD Thanks, Violet! :)

  4. I read your blog every once in a while. Though don't give up on blogging. I really like your blog and it would be sad if you quit. And also, the mystery Monday is at the end of the sarepia forest slide!


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