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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sorry taco chest

Hey jammers! Sorry for lack of posting this week I was doing stuff for my friends birthday and my moms laptop needs to update Adobe so now I have to wait:( Todays newest items is the chest of gems sold in jam mart furniture for 600 gems
This chest looks like phantoms might wanna come and find the gems in it to take over jamaa. Phantoms are always so pesky especially in the phantom vortex game.... BACK TO THE ITEM! This item looks pretty original maybe a bit to humany but as long as jammers like an item they should keep it! 

                                                             DAILY EXPLORER

                                            Sorry note to taco kind of I guess? 
Um I don't know how to start this really but with a few pictures im will so sit back and relax and read these jamagrams...
What I responded: I did already just go away and stop commenting mean things on my site

Um I forget what I said XD

Taco what did you mean by that? Now it's your turn? What did I ever do wrong? I know I know I get mad at you a lot but Like it's just that idk... Anyways I'm sorry for treating you nasty and everything but I can't say I will ever forgive you for what you do!:)  im really really really really sorry for doing this BLA bla taco is this he did this and that bla bla bla taco. And so I'm hoping you forgive so and please stop commenting mean comments on here. And if you do or anyone does again I might put moderation on. Now what I want to hear from you taco is an apology to me and all my friends that you have treated bad like balaur, tiggy, nafaria and ext! So I'm sorry again but I'm not promising you anything of i talk about you! I'm sorry but I gotta go now!

- Violet 




    1. NO I NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL!!!! You don't know him like I do! I was just saying sorry to end the drama


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