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Monday, September 29, 2014

collar donnations

Hey jammers!
Todays rare item monday is the collar sold in the medical centre for 950 gems
I have to admit this item isn't the best for a rare item monday no one really goes to medical centre so its probably not that popular anyways. Any the colours are a bit dull to me there not bright like thats what you would think of a rare item monday bright! What do you think of the rare item monday? Do you like it or not like? Explain in the comments
Rare item monday redo
Maybe it should of been a bright green with polka dot look? 
Daily explorer

Violets drawing
Today I would like to present the bacon drawing that I got from online! Yipee!!!
Yep that picture is so true. Like I mean look how good it is come on guys don't you love bacon?
This weeks is a bit different instead of a place its an item! Comment what this item is for a small prize.

To tacocat101
I know your the anonymous commenting mean things on this blog and its not safe on here this blog is suppose to be fun not to get bullied in comments every single day and if your not tacocat101 please stop this nonsense as I said before this blog is about having fun!
Also tacocat101 please stop going on nm accounts just to follow me around its getting dearly annoying and your basically stalking me.
So please stop I know you are following me because your account has a random user and it just random looking and more!

Also comment moderation is now on! NEW BELLE THE RHINO ISSUE THIS WEEK!
Thanks for the pufferfish plushie donation jammer310fj
Thanks for the kangaroon donation bunnylover you specifically said its name is bouncy and I will keep it that way!

Thanks for your time jammers! Cya in jamaa!


  1. yes! great redo of the rare! and yes bacon is all you truly need!
    thanks for keeping the kangaroos name bouncy!
    for the mysterious monday mystery it is a stone arch den portal! it is the yellow one with the stars and swirls on it.
    the picture is taken on the right bottom of the portal!
    see you later!

  2. also for the other comment, i found out that the yellow portal is in tacocat101's den! i was just through to jammers dens, when i diecied hmm taco cat is giving violet a lot of trouble so i just wanted to see his/her den! and thats when i saw the portal!

  3. oops! forgot to say- i'm awesomepanda868 on AJ

  4. Oh! I like the Halloween-themed background. (I know it wasn't added today, but I didn't comment about it yet. Whoops! Cx) Creepy Jack-O-Lanterns! XD hehe >8•D

  5. Violet do you have dyslexia??

    1. Uh-oh, I think that is the mean Anonymous. They might reply back saying "Because you act like you have dyslexia." Dyslexia is a learning disability. If someone said you act like you have dyslexia, while you do not, that is bullying. Violet, please delete the swearing comment on "Comment Moderation".

    2. Well she does have a lot of spelling problems so I was just wondering......

    3. thanks idiot anonymous1!!! also maybe its because I was i typing fast? huh? ya prob was and maybe its because I live in a different country cause in some countries they are spelt differently oh wait!! I forgot the truth maybe your just stupid anonymous

  6. The answer to Mystery Monday is
    A Adventure Portal Bottom Left Cornor of it


    P.S. Doesn't this commenting thing have a way to block computers from commenting if so use the for TacoCat and then turn Comment Moderation Off

  7. The edge of a portal (to exit a adventure)

  8. The monday mystery is a yellow portal


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