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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

update!!! new animal...

Hey jammers!
Today we have an update instead of tomorrow so lets get started 
I know there are earlier posts yesterday and today its because i get a chance to be on the computer sooner!
So what are we waiting for lets get started!

 Pet rhinos have came to jamaa I have to admit they are very cute 
 The beta party is here its in a beta den so it can be like we were in the beta days... I have to admit tho it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be:(
 A new animal is coming we will find out all the clues once we finish this update! Congratulations to the jammer who designed this awesome ribbon scarf!
 Im so glad that this guide book came out before my bday next month I put it on my birthday wishlist hopefully I get it
 The item contest seems awesome which den item set did you vote for?
I voted for the ice-cream parlour
In too deep hard is here ... And more videos I don't even think a lot of jammers watch the videos maybe a few in a server per day thats all but hopefully they have some good facts!!!!
So looking back to the 3rd page theres a new animal coming to jamaa if your wondering what the clues are notice how in each corner theres a letter in stead of a page number well those letters make the word otter which means otters are coming to jamaa!!!!!!!
Todays newest items in jamaa is a candy necklace sold in jam mart clothing
 Price: 350
Fashion: 7/10
Popularity: 50/100
Altogether: 60/100
Its very candylicious I should say!

Todays other new item is a grill which is sold in jam mart furniture

Price: 400
Looks: 10/10
Popularity: 85/100
altogether: 99/100
I like how we can now have a barbeque it seems to me that people keep sending ajhq a request for something and it comes true like someone requested the beta party it came and i think someone requested the barbque and it came!

Another new item is the ribbon scarf
Im not gonna do the rating though but I think its gonna become very popular

Outfit of the week!

Umbrella hat:700 tickets
ribbon scarf: 500
Wonder time!!!
A new diamond code has came its called twelve many jammers have tried it and it has worked Ive tried and its worked you get one diamond but since its new do you think ajhq will make more diamond codes?

Anyways theres new loading pages see

Those are some new ones


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