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Monday, July 14, 2014

rare spiked mohawk!!

Hey jammers! 
Todays new item is a rare spiked mohawk it is sold in jam mart clothes its not really my style but doesnt aj already have a mohawk like this?
 Price: 900
Fashion: 7/10 
I like the colours but it really depends who you are?

Mysterious Monday Myestery!!!!
Comment the exact location of this for a chance to win  a surprise!
The last one we had was in the old barn den sorry if you got it wrong

Well not really a long post today but always remember to comment and follow and also check out the dreammineraj the owner is a great friend of mine so it would make her happy if you check it out and commented:)


  1. 7/10 **Nods in agreement** :P xD but yesh it does depend on what person you are so possibly 10/10 o.0 I do like da colors though :3 (Kinda like a spiky rainbow... o-o) lol

  2. Spiky rainbow lol? Also your welcome

  3. XD yesh... spiky rainbows... hehe


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