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Animal Jam Birthday Cakes

Have you ever wanted to see the all the animal jam birthday cakes and learn a bit about them? Well nows your chance because the page you are on now has that information that you probably have been wanting to know. If you have any questions feel free to comment them below:)

To start off, every year when it comes to Animal Jam's birthday, AJHQ releases a code that always goes by, AJBDAY and then the number of the birthday at the end. For example the first birthday was AJBDAY1. Unfortunately these codes only work for a limited time, but there always is that option to trade and find someone with the cakes. 

So now let's look at all the cakes. Every year the cakes get bigger and bigger and by this I mean every time you click the cake it gets bigger. 

AJ' First Birthday Cake
*Image from AJ wiki*
Unfortunately I don't think this cake had much clicking to it and didn't upgrade much but, if you did click the candle according to aj wiki the candle would go out for a few seconds and then come back.

AJ's Second Birthday Cake
You can make it smaller by clicking the fourth row!

AJ's Third Birthday Cake
The after is a penguin popping out, after clicking the purple tent. 
Sadly I couldn't get the picture of the penguin in time.

AJ's Fourth Birthday Cake
*Image is not mine and was found on google images, credits to the owner*
You can get this cake by...
1.Left paw on the first tier
2.Right paw on the first tier
3.Left paw on the second tier
4.The cake of the second tier
5.The "four" candle at the top of the cake
6.The middle flower on the first tier
7.The wolf's head
8.The left-most flower on the first tier
9.The bunny's head
10.Left paw on the bottom tier
11.Finally, click on the right Phantom
(Credits to AJ wiki)
AJ's Fifth Birthday Cake
You can get your cake to this stage by following these steps:
- Press anywhere on the cake
- Click the green gem on the right
- Click the purple candle
- Click the bottom of the bottom left phantom's eye
- Click the dark part on the 4th layer
To bring it back to normal you can press number 5.

AJ's Sixth Birthday Cake
You can get to this stage by...

1.Click the candle's flame for the second golden tier to pop up.
2.Far right golden leaf for chocolate "boxes" to appear underneath.
3.Middle of the frosting on the forward-facing chocolate "boxes".
4.Left side of the top stripe on the golden cylinder.
5.Top right corner of the dark stone-grey cake. The cake is now in its final form!
6.To get the cake back to its original state, click the center of the very top of the golden cylinder.
 (Credits to AJ wiki)

AJ'S Seventh Birthday Cakes
Animal Jam's seventh birthday was a special year, this year they had 7 birthday cakes each costing 77 gems, the code AJBDAY7 was used to redeem 777 gems to purchase the 7 birthday cakes.
Here is what all the birthday cakes look like:
You can get all of these 7 birthday cakes by going to each land that has the cakes above and by purchasing these cakes in the lands that are representing or by trading!

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