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Monday, October 5, 2015

The real meaning

Hey jammers!
Sorry for no post this past weekend I was planning to make a small post on sunday but that never happened cause I didn't get a chance since I was trying to make a logo for art instagram. Which I will eventually finish and post on here! And then that was only like 20 mins or so.
You may be wondering about a new blog template well.
I need time to work on it and the right computer which has gimp and that computer is my mom's which she is usually working on. Ive also been using pixlr for rim redo  and edits instead.
I also edited the new schedule so its a way that hopefully will work out! YAY!!!!!
And I only got like 20% left on this computer. Let us see how far we get.

Today we have the rare mammoth tusks sold in jam mart clothing for 550 gems!
These are actually pretty cheap not complaining about the price for once in my life!
Though I kinda wish they weren't just orange and they were like a darker orange or a dark halloween costume.

Rim redo
Now this is just more halloweenish then the orange ones which is a bit better.


This is really what animal jam means when they put that message XD
My grammar on that message was horrible! 

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. That's so long for a Brb? c:

  2. Hello and goodbye violet! i have decided to quit Animal Jam! I'll miss everyone. ;-;

    1. OMG NO!!!!! I'll miss you! Please come back and visit!


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